Eco Stone Skins (Stone Veneer Tiles)

Installation Instruction

Step 1: Prepare Wall

Prep the wall with drywall, making sure it's sanded smooth.

Step 2: Spread Thinset and Set Panels

Spread a thin layer of thinset on the wall with a trowel (Image 1), as well as a thin layer on the back of the veneer panel (Image 2). Apply pressure to make sure panel is secure to the wall (Image 3).

TIP: Using larger 2x4 panels will add a unique look and save time on tiling over traditional smaller panels.

Step 3: Cut Panels

If you're tiling around shower drains or fixtures, use tin snips to cut panels to fit.

Step 4: Apply Grout (Optional)

Once the tile is set, you can either let it dry or grout the entire surface. If you choose to grout the entire surface, apply grout with a float. Remove excess grout with a wet sponge.

Step 5: Apply Grout (Optional)

Use hand roller to remove air between sheet and substrate specially the air in the middle of sheet which should be rolled out to edges.

Sealer and Adhesives

ECO STONE SKINS can be sealed with any normal sealer used for slates , stone tiles etc. Sealer must be tested for desired luster and look before installation.

Understanding the requirements of adhesive is very important aspect of installation. The adhesive must be tested prior to any installation considering the moisture and temperature in planned environment. Consideration of expansion joint must be taken during installation. Some of the recommended adhesive are as follows:

  • Premixed grout and tile adhesive
  • Polyurethane wood glues and PU construction grade adhesive 
  • Wood and sws carpet adhesive
  • Thick Latex or Acrylic Latex type tile adhesive
  • Silicone ( With primer only)
  • Construction grade multipurpose adhesive
  • Polyester based gap filled putty

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