Eco Stone Skins (Stone Veneer Tiles)


ECO STONE SKINS is a Flexible stone veneer tile with a layer of stone 1.2 mm thick. It is backed by adhesive and polestar fiber to provide strength to it as shown in picture below. ECO STONE SKINS is a true flexible stone veneers obtained mainly from metamorphic rocks like slate and quartzite which can be used for both interior and exterior and especially where bending to a curved surface is required. It have high flexibility and can be bent to as tight as 6" to 8" radius.

Moisture & Water Stable: Stone and FRP Backing can be used for moist or weather affected areas.

Temperature Tolerance: Stone Veneer - 20 to 176 degree F. Heat Transfer through the panel is negligible

Expansion & Contraction: 1.0mm maximum per panel through temperature range.

Size and Packaging:

  • ECO STONE SKINS are available in standard size of 1220 x 610 ( 4 x 2 ft) in the color range shown. The two sheets are packed in small carton and total 12 sheets (6 small Carton) are packed in master carton. The sqm in master carton is 8.64 and weight is 21.00 Kilograms aprox.
  • Sizes up to 2800 x 1450 mm are available on special request as per colors range shown.
  • 1.25 mm to 2 mm Thickness (due to process and stone variation)

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